My name is Brandon Stapper and I’ve been an entrepreneur for 15 years. I started 858 Graphics when I was 20 years old, in 2007. With a dream and a few business cards I printed out, I set out to businesses in the area, door to door, offering decal stickers that could be used for their cars and trucks. I used a sticker machine that I had purchased on eBay to fulfill the orders. 12 years later, we’ve expanded to over 10,000 clients per year and have an amazing client services team of over 20 employees. We even acquired a company called Nonstop Signs in 2014 to supercharge our growth. Our companies together specialize in large retail and specialty event graphics.


In the beginning years of 858 Graphics, Gmail had just been released to the public for business use and the majority of our business was driven by inbound inquiries all over the country. We were receiving at least 250 inbound inquiries per day, and our sales representatives were having difficulty answering all of the requests and staying organized with the follow-ups. Finding sales executives who were both personable and organized was difficult. We could not keep up with the demand, and many times, dropped the ball because there were so many moving pieces.

We looked to automate some of the procedural steps for our sales team, like adding leads into our CRM system by default, but not all of the inquiries were serious leads, and this raised our CRM bill significantly because we paid by contact. We were all bombarded with cluttered inboxes and had a hard time hiring people who had both a knack for sales and organization.


Once we started using Boomerang, dealing with inbound inquiries was a much easier process. We could send out emails, follow up with the ones we needed to, and most importantly, we could clear everything out of our Inboxes that didn’t require immediate attention. Without email distractions, we had no anxiety or stress from lack of organization. We didn’t need to think about emails until they popped back up and our sales team wasn’t overwhelmed with the 200 daily leads that required follow up in the future.


Boomerang is now part of our onboarding materials used when we hire and train new sales managers. Since we started using Boomerang, we have been able to scale 858 Graphics to a new level of growth. We have acquired Nonstop Signs to further expand the company, and with over 15 team members on our team using a Boomerang subscription, we have better processes in place to manage inbound inquiries. Overall, we’ve also been able to save over $20,000 per month with our CRM subscription, while simultaneously growing our business by over 68% year over year.


"Boomerang has been a game changer for not only me but my entire company. I’ve always been a very disorganized person, but I don’t have to let that hinder my performance at work when I use Boomerang!"

"With Boomerang, we can easily follow up in 2 days, 3 months, or 12 months with just two clicks. We are so on top of our follow-ups because we can set it and forget it."