I'm Aman Advani, CEO and co-founder of Ministry of Supply. A couple of friends and I started this company with the fundamental mission of inventing a new category of clothing called Performance Professional. We wanted to create high performance work attire - everyday clothing that is just as capable as athletic gear.

At Ministry of Supply, we use a human centered design process. We study how people move throughout their workday and narrow down common issues they encounter such as sweat stains or clothing losing shape. Then we build by creating pieces with advanced materials and high-tech manufacturing. Lastly, we have a network of field testers to try our products out and report back on what works and what doesn't. Then, we optimize these pieces so that they can perform beyond expectation. We've brought an engineering approach into an industry that tended to not have one.


Because I'm in a leadership position, I find myself working on a little bit of everything. This includes managing a number of different initiatives, concepts, ideas, and relationships simultaneously.

Since there is always so much going on, I need to make sure that everything is accounted for and that nothing slips through the cracks - which could easily happen when you have a busy inbox. Sometimes an email will get missed which causes the communication to completely fall cold. This can be really stressful because I might not have reached a resolution for whatever task I was working on within that email yet.

I don't want to have to worry about complicated inboxes or need to figure out when I'll be able to find the time to remember who hasn't replied to a specific email from the previous week. I want to be able to maximize my time wisely and focus on more important endeavors for my company without having to worry that something is being forgotten.


We officially launched Ministry of Supply in 2012 and our team has been using Google products from the very beginning. Typically, we'll use Google Hangouts for face to face interactions and G Suite mail for our internal and external communication. We enjoy using G Suite because it's user friendly and you can navigate it intuitively. G Suite does everything that I need for it to do and it syncs well across different devices. Furthermore, it is a clear market leader.

I also really like using G Suite because it provides me with the option to easily add in marketplace apps and extensions such as Boomerang. Since it is a browser extension, Boomerang integrates into G Suite seamlessly for a more enhanced email experience. Having the capability to try out different products within my inbox makes G Suite more useful and it's great to know that my personal toolbox can always continue to grow.

I first learned about Boomerang from a friend that was already trying it out. The day after I spoke to them, I decided to give it a shot and downloaded it onto my browser. That was about two years ago and I've been a big fan of the product ever since.

Now, many of my team members have also adopted Boomerang into their email workflow and we even have a group subscription. At Ministry of Supply, we're always encouraging our employees to test out and utilize the best productivity tools that are out there. That's because we believe that performance is the net difference between your potential and anything that might interfere with it.

I want to minimize any interference that could get in the way of my team's productivity while also maximizing their potential. With that in mind, we're always keeping our eyes out for tools that can provide one of those components - Boomerang actually does both!


Personally, I've found that the most valuable aspect of Boomerang is that it offers me peace of mind. As I mentioned before, I'm constantly juggling a wide range of correspondences and tasks and I use Boomerang to ensure that nothing inside of my inbox ever goes unnoticed.

Boomerang has definitely helped me organize my inbox and my time. I love that with Boomerang, I don't have to deal with my inbox until I need to. For example, when I receive messages in the morning and there's a bunch of other things going on, those emails don't have to just sit in my inbox. Instead, I can use Boomerang's return to inbox feature to move the messages and bring them back at a later time, such as at 5PM, when it makes more sense for me to tackle them. This feature ensures that I'll be able to give sufficient attention to everything that needs to be done without having to feel stressed.

Also, with Boomerang's response tracking feature, I never have to worry about needing to remember to follow up on a specific email. Instead, if I haven't heard from somebody in a couple of days, Boomerang will remind me by bringing the message back to my inbox. Because of Boomerang's response tracking, I'm able to keep my eye out for important correspondences and send out active follow ups at appropriate times. This way, I can make sure my email exchanges stay alive until I get the resolution or answer that I need.

Although I don't have a favorite feature, I find myself using Boomerang's return to inbox for 90%, if not all, of my emails. Overall, it's helped me save a tremendous amount of time at work because I'll never have to go back through my inbox and make sure that nothing has gone unnoticed. Boomerang has practically become an extension of my task list by helping me make sure that nothing ever slips through the cracks.


"The most valuable aspect of Boomerang is that it offers me peace of mind."

"Boomerang has become practically an extension of my task list by helping me make sure that nothing ever slips through the cracks."