Boomerang Insights: Discover the hidden levers of your communication

Get actionable insights and advice tailored specifically to you, based on your own email data:

Insights into how you email

Optimize your email habits with personalized advice customized with data from your own Inbox, and learn how you can use email more effectively.

Find out how often you are getting interrupted

Studies show that checking email only a few times a day reduces stress and boosts productivity. Each time you get interrupted by an email, it costs 64 seconds of productivity. Find out how often you are getting interrupted and learn how you can reclaim hours of lost productivity!

Identify important contacts and their email behavior

Find out how you communicate with the people you email most frequently, including your average writing tone and response time, as well as how and when they reply to you.

How effective are your emails?

See how likely your emails are to get a response based on factors like your writing style and send time, and compare your response rate to the average.

Get your email personality report

Almost fifteen years ago, research at UC Santa Barbara categorized email users into three groups: Filers, Pilers, and Archivers.

Which one are you?