The easy meeting scheduler for different time zones.

Boomerang for Gmail your new meeting scheduler for different time zones


"We all have such busy schedules these days. Everyone I send my Boomerang schedule to is so impressed with the tool and wishes they had it!"

Annelies Tjebbes, Founder & CEO, Roots & Rivers Consulting Inc.

The benefits of scheduling meetings with time zones:

  • Removes the back and forth of the scheduling dance
  • No more missed meetings
  • Show your invitees you care

Easiest meeting scheduler for time zones

Scheduling meetings with people in your own office is tough enough let alone with people in different time zones. Throw in Daylight Savings time and everyone ends up having to do mental gymnastics just to get a meeting scheduled. Now you might be thinking, “Someone should invent an app for this and call it “meeting scheduler time zones” Erm...yeah how about an easier way to handle it?


Within your email compose window, simply click on “Meet”, then on “Suggest Times.” Then click on your timezone, then “add secondary time zone.” Boom, just like that you’re all set to share an invite with both your time zone and the time zone of your invitee. So easy!



“Boomerang! Where have you been all my life?”

Sam Grobart, The New York Times


“Boomerang for Gmail. First off, if you don’t have it, stop reading this and go get it. Right now. There’s absolutely no other extension that will add this level of function to your Gmail.

Brad McCarty, TheNextWeb