The easiest way to create a Zoom meeting

Creating a Zoom meeting as sending an email. Boomerang for Gmail allows you to create Zoom meetings right from your inbox in just a few clicks.


"It even allows you to send a calendar invite with the Zoom link...when they select a time on the slots embedded in your email, you both get the event automatically added to your calendar!"

Josie Cruz, Owner TC Optimize

Why you should create a Zoom meeting with Boomerang:

  • Built into your inbox - no switching tabs
  • Makes scheduling easy for both you and the people you invite
  • Comes with powerful email productivity features too

It’s easy to create a Zoom meeting with Boomerang.


You can add details like a title for your meeting, select how long you want your Zoom meeting to be, add your guest if you haven’t already, and choose which calendar you want your event saved to. When your guest selects a time to meet, both you and they will have events placed on your respective calendars complete with all of the Zoom meeting details.



“Boomerang! Where have you been all my life?”

Sam Grobart, The New York Times


“Boomerang for Gmail. First off, if you don’t have it, stop reading this and go get it. Right now. There’s absolutely no other extension that will add this level of function to your Gmail.

Brad McCarty, TheNextWeb