Boomerang is the meeting planner for different time zones, right in your inbox

Boomerang for Gmail acts like a time zone meeting planner because the people you invite see the meeting in both your time zone and theirs. No more back and forth emails or missed meetings due to time zone errors.


"I love Boomerang! This has been the single most useful productivity and efficiency tool I have ever used and I would be truly lost without it. "

Brian Moore, SHRM-CP Program Delivery Manager, Aquent

Boomerang solves time zone meeting scheduling issues:

  • Allows for dual time zones to be displayed
  • Built into your Gmail inbox
  • Always up to date Magic Live calendar - no double booking

Planning a meeting across time zones presents a unique challenge. Not only are there shifts in Daylight Savings Times but business hours can vary from country to country. With Boomerang for Gmail, all of that is solved. Because our meeting scheduling, which takes place in the inbox, can display dual time zones.


Simply choose Suggest Times or Bookable Schedule from the Meet menu right in your email compose window. You can learn about our awesome scheduling tools here. Suggest Times is perfect for one-off meetings across time zones via phone, Google Meet, or Zoom. With Bookable Schedule, you set up a block of available times and share it as often as you want. Before inserting your Bookable Schedule, simply click on Personalize Invitation and add your guest’s time zone. Both Suggest Times and Bookable Schedule Boomerang check multiple calendars to avoid offering times when you might be busy. And since the Magic Live Calendar is always up to date, you’ll never be double booked again.



“Boomerang! Where have you been all my life?”

Sam Grobart, The New York Times


“Boomerang for Gmail. First off, if you don’t have it, stop reading this and go get it. Right now. There’s absolutely no other extension that will add this level of function to your Gmail.

Brad McCarty, TheNextWeb